How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram

Instagram is a great tool to use in order to grow your blog. It allows you to connect with other people within your niche, build your authority, and promote new products. Plus, it’s free! So why not take advantage of it? Below are 8 ways to grow your blog through Instagram:

1. Create an Epic Profile
The first way to utilize Instagram is by making sure your profile stands out. Your profile should be focused on your blog and brand vs. anything too personal. Typically, this is where you will describe your blog in 1-2 sentences. It’s also a great place to promote an upcoming product launch, webinar, contest, etc. Both Melanie Duncan and Sarah Morgan do a great job at this. As you can see below, both of them describe what their brand is about within their profile.

How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram-
How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram-


2. Include a Link to Your Blog
Another way to grow your blog through Instagram is by including a link to your website within your profile. Sounds pretty simple but you would be surprised how many people forget to do this. This is one of the easiest way to lead new visitors back to your website. Also, if you’re promoting a new article or an upcoming launch, you can update the link so it directs back to that specific page.

3. Include a Call to Action
It’s also important to include a call to action before your link. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, a call to action is an instruction to your audience to take some sort of action. In this case, you will be asking them to click the link in order to visit your blog. Below are three examples:

Check out my website
Get access to free blogging tips
Click here to get access to organic + gluten free

4. Give Back the Love

Instagram is a community so it’s important to interact with other users. Find other people within your niche and give them some love. Leave genuine comments and like their photos. Also, don’t forget to respond back to the people leaving comments on your account. If you’re always interacting with other Instagram users, people will start to recognize you and your brand.

5. Keep Your Instagram Relevant to Your Blog
It’s also important that your Instagram is on brand with your blog. Instead of posting photos of your cats or vacation, make sure they relate to your brand. If you have a food blog, post photos of organic produce or recipes of the day. That way you will create a following that will not only love your Instagram, but will also love your blog. Below is an example from Food Fashion Party, a food blog. As you can see, all of the photos relate to the brand.

How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram-

6. Utilize Hashtags
Hashtags are a great way to introduce your Instagram to new followers. Whenever you upload a new photo, you should absolutely include a handful of hashtags along with it. However, the biggest mistake people make is including hashtags that don’t relate to their target audience. If you have a food blog, it doesn’t make sense to include hashtags that relate to exercising. You may gain new followers on your Instagram but they won’t become loyal fans of your blog… which is the ultimate goal. So make sure every hashtag you use is consistent with your blog and brand. Below are examples of hashtags that relate to a food blog:

#food #foodpic #breakfast #organic #foodie #dinner #dessert #cupcakes #eating #chef #yummy #instafood #delish #produce #cooking #foodporn #delicious #snack

7. Promote Your Blog
Another way to grow your blog through Instagram is by promoting new articles, products, or free resources. You don’t want to spam your followers promoting your blog. However, if you post new photos on Instagram one or two times per day, you can easily throw in a promoted photo without looking spammy. Below is a perfect example by Mona at She. Aiming High.

How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram-

8. Post Consistently
The final tip on growing your blog through Instagram is to post consistently. If you post at least once per day, people will start recognizing your brand. If you think Instagram is too time-consuming try creating an Instagram series. Everyday I post quotes by inspirational women. Each one has the same layout so they were easy to create. Now I don’t have to spend as much time deciding what to post because I already have photos ready to go.

How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram-

Do you have additional tips on how you grow your blog through Instagram!? Share them below.

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  1. Great tips. I’ve never tried the call to action on instagram because of so little space but giving it a try. Thanks :)

  2. What a GREAT post! I just made my new site live yesterday and completely forgot about updating my website across all my social media platforms! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. Thank you for this advice it was truly helpful for me.

  4. Thanks Marianna, very good advice

  5. Hello, thank you for post! And I want to ask is there fast way to gain audience? Because I know I can do it with apps like witch my sister uses quite actively and has much more followers than I do. I read a lot of tips but it’s slow. Help me. Thank you!

    • I definitely go the old school route. I like to comment and connect with people to build real relationships. I also think when you do that they’re more likely to remember you and come back to your blog (but it might be a little slower). I’ve never heard of Is it expensive?

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