How to Grow Your Blog by Improving Your Visual Design

There is no doubt that written content is what makes a blog excel and what generates followers. However, since the human brain is more prone to understanding images (it processes them instantly) than texts, the visual aspect of a blog is the key to attracting readers’ attention. Not only that – the overall visual design of a website is credited for giving the most credibility to blog posts, and not the text.

Images and other visual elements are certainly helpful for increasing blog’s traffic. Let us see what the connection between the traffic and the design is, and how you can use it to your advantage.

The Overall Visual Design

Let us start from the very first thing visitors will notice once they enter your blog – the overall visual design. All it takes for a visitor to form an opinion about your blog is for about 50 milliseconds to pass. The key findings of Google’s research showed that websites with high prototypicality (whether the design is appropriate to its category of websites or not) and low visual complexity are perceived as highly appealing.

How to Grow Your Blog by Improving Your Visual Design

What you can learn from this is that your design should be simple and familiar. Innovative and unconventional layouts are not very likable to web audience. It is recommended to use lighter and pastel colors. The buttons need to be simple and user-friendly. Every post should have an option for sharing and liking across social media.


The importance of using images in your blog posts can be illustrated with the fact that those kinds of posts have more than 90 percent more views than those with plain text. That is why you should use images to enhance every article.

Also, try to use images that you have taken. The visitors will appreciate your initiative, and you will be able to accomplish professional-like results with trendy app EyeEm, which will give you the chance to fine tune your photos and to add some amazing filters. With more than 24 adjustable filters and a wide range of fine tuning options, it is possible to decorate your blog with everything, from the currently appropriate New Year images to the eternally classic black and white photos.

How to Grow Your Blog by Improving Your Visual Design

By hosting and uploading images, you are generating one more traffic source – Image Search, which can improve the engagement of the readers. You can also drive traffic by making the images pinnable. Boost even more traffic with Pinterest by choosing a relevant and appealing default image.


Videos as the combination of words and images, make great blog content. That does not mean videos cannot serve as an addition to written text. If done right, it can complement the article perfectly.

If you consider the fact that more than 100 million users watch an online video each day, you will see that video is one of the most valuable assets a blog can have. Still, not just any video is good enough. It should have relevant content or fun information and be of relatively high quality. Explanatory videos (how-to), product demonstration and customer testimonials are good choices for increasing traffic.

How to Grow Your Blog by Improving Your Visual Design

Other Visual Elements

You must go beyond images and videos when you are thinking about visual elements that will boost your traffic. Infographics, for instance are a visual aspect that is being used more and more to present complicated information in the form of images, short text and charts, more suitable for short attention spans.

Similarly to infographics, presentations are also used to present complicated and extensive information. If you want to backup some claim or show off with some feedback, you can use screenshots for that. For younger audiences, using memes is a great way to make the post appealing and they are more likely to share such articles.

People will form their opinion about your blog in less than a second. Do not allow that second to be the gap between you and success. Increase traffic by creating appealing design and shareable posts enhanced with visual assets.

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