5 Careers That Don’t Require a Cubicle: After I graduated from college, I spent months trying to find the perfect career. I knew I wanted a flexible schedule, a steady income and a work-life balance. As a millennial, I also knew these types of careers were out there; I just had to spend some time looking for them. Click on the link to get 5 new ideas. TheCollectiveMill.com

5 Careers That Don’t Require a Cubicle
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After I graduated from college, I spent months trying to find the perfect career. I knew I wanted a flexible schedule, a steady income and a work-life balance. As a millennial, I also knew these types of careers were out there; I just had to spend some time looking for them.

So if you’re like me, and looking for more freedom and flexibility, in this video I go over 5 careers that don’t require a cubicle. Plus, I cover the perks of each one.

(I have also included a recap on all 5 careers below.)

1. Professional Blogger

Work Abroad
As a blogger, you can work from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. If you want to take a vacation in Hawaii or live in Costa Rica, you can always bring your work with you.

Flexible Schedule
The great thing about being a blogger is that you can set your own schedule. If you need to take a couple of days off in the middle of the week, you can always make up for it over the weekend.

Personal Branding
Another awesome thing about becoming a blogger is that you’re constantly developing your personal brand. Every time you publish a new article, send out a newsletter, or connect with someone new on Twitter, you’re creating an even stronger brand for yourself.

Blogging is all about the connections you make. If you’re guest posting on another blog or connecting with people across your social media accounts, you’re always making new connections.

Tech Skills
You might not realize it, but as a blogger, you’re constantly learning how to use new technology. If you’re adding a new plugin to your blog, using a social media management system, or even an email marketing service, you’re constantly learning about new things.

2. Photographer

Self Employed
The awesome thing about being self employed is that you get to become your own boss. That means you have way more control over who you work with and you don’t have to worry about working under a terrible manager. Plus, it’s always pretty cool to tell people that you work for yourself.

New Connections
As a photographer, you have the opportunity to connect and network with other creative professionals. You might work with other photographers, set designers, hair styles, or anyone else that is needed for a shoot.

Away From a Desk
Another perk of becoming a photographer is that you’re not always behind a desk. You might be shooting a wedding in the wine country or on the beach. Whatever it may be, you get to be on your feet, which is totally different from a career where you’re sitting in a cubicle.

Creative Self Expression
If you’re passionate about photography, this gives you the chance to combine your passion with your career. Therefore, you’re going to be doing what you love everyday and many people don’t get to say that.

If you’re an awesome photographer, you might get published in a local, national, or even international publication – or something you shoot might go viral. Having this type of exposure can open the door to all sorts of new opportunities.

3. Independent Contractor

I also want to include a different type of position that still follows the entrepreneurial route. As an independent contractor, you’re still working for yourself but with the security and branding of a large company. One company that is a perfect example of this is Aflac. Aflac offers positions that stay true to an entrepreneurial structure. Plus, they come with a lot of perks.

Entrepreneurial Structure
Aflac offers positions where you can become an Aflac agent, which means you’re an independent contractor and not an employee of Aflac. What’s cool about that, is you’re given the opportunity to build your own business with the support of a strong brand. That means you get way more freedom and flexibility and have control over your work-life balance.

Unlimited Earning Potential
Another huge perk is that you have unlimited earning potential. So if you work your butt off and do an amazing job, you can bring in a pretty crazy income. Plus, with Aflac, you can earn up to $25,000 in bonuses in your first two years.

Immediate Branding
Another perk is that you’re going to have immediate branding. When you’re an entrepreneur, it really is different because it can take years to build a brand for yourself that people recognize. However, in this type of situation you’re going to have immediate branding. For example, almost everyone knows about Aflac because of their famous duck. So you get to run your own business and you don’t have to worry about building your brand from scratch.

Flexible Training
Aflac also offers different types of training depending on your learning style and really what you prefer. When you’re going through their training program, you can learn in a classroom setting, use online tools and material, or get hands-on support. Basically, they want to provide an awesome training program so you truly grow and become successful.

Awesome Rewards
Another perk – that doesn’t usually happen when you go down the entrepreneurial route – is that you will be recognized for your performance. With Aflac, if you’re hitting specific goals, you can be rewarded with trips to New York, Hawaii, the Caribbean, or other amazing locations, you can receive awards, or even a stock bonus.

4. Virtual Assistant

Work Experience
As a virtual assistant, you’re going to get some pretty awesome work experience. You’re probably going to work with different clients which means you’re always going to be learning new things, taking on different projects, and getting experience in multiple industries.

Set Your Own Rates
Another cool thing about becoming a virtual assistant is that you can set your own rates. Plus, once you get in some work experience and start building your portfolio, who says you can’t charge $50, $100, or $150 per hour?

As a virtual assistant, you’re also going to be working with some pretty inspiring people. You might have a client who is an entrepreneur, a CEO, an artist – whoever they are, you’re going to have some amazing references.

Always Interesting
Being a virtual assistant is always interesting. You’re going to work with all sorts of different people and on all sorts of different projects. Plus, you’re constantly going to be learning and trying new things. Therefore, it’s going to be pretty unusual to have a boring workday.

Industry Exposure
You also have the opportunity to break into your dream industry. If you have always wanted to work in the fashion industry or tech industry, now’s your chance. When you’re a virtual assistant, you can literally choose to work with specific clients who are in your favorite industry to get some major hands-on experience.

5. Online Educator

Teach People Around the World
As an online educator, you have the opportunity to teach people from around the world. You can be educating people across the United States, or someone who’s from Italy, India, China, or really anywhere else – and that’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Major Earning Potential
If you create and sell your own courses – which is actually becoming pretty popular – you really do have unlimited earning potential. So if you’re a virtual educator, you don’t have to limit the amount of courses you sell. That means you can sell 10, 100, or even 1,000 of your courses.

Teach What You Love
Another awesome thing about becoming an online educator is that you can literally teach anything. If you’re passionate about cooking, painting, or whatever it may be, you really can create a course around it.

Meet Awesome People
Another perk is that you have the chance to meet some really amazing people – because you can sell courses to anyone in the world, you’re going to be exposed to different cultures and get the perspective from all different types of students.

Finally, if you create and sell online courses, you can also have a ridiculously flexible schedule. You can create each course and record them whenever you want – and when you sell them online, your students can watch them whenever they have free time and don’t have to worry about living in a different time zone.

The awesome thing about these 5 careers is that you’re going to have a much more flexible schedule and you will always have a work-life balance. Plus, each of these careers are challenging and rewarding. Thanks for checking out this post and I hope I have inspired you to think about what type of career path you might want to take.

Aflac herein menas American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus and American Family Life Assurance Company of New York. Aflac agents are independent contractors and not employees of Aflac. To learn more about becoming an Aflac agent, please visit www.aflac.com/agents.


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  1. Online educator is a great job that you added to the list! Many people don’t think about this as an option. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks. Great and inspiring list… (Freelance) writer may be added to the list as well.

  3. I’ve always wanted to be an Entrepreneur but it just seems like there are so many things to consider. I never really thought about working for a company like an independent contractor where I could be my own boss and have support – that’s interesting. Thanks for the article!

  4. Great list. The first one (Blogger) is something personally I have enjoyed doing. I am not travelling the world doing it :) but I love the process even doing it part-time. I agree with the part about building a network. I have build a solid connection with few individuals through Guest Blogging opportunities, some of them have become ardent supporters of my blog. An additional benefit is the impact it has had on my personal brand.

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